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Attendance Rewards


Engaging students and rewarding them with Scholarship Points for attending class.


Scholarship Points tell the story of a student's K-12 journey that colleges can use to guide admission and scholarship decisions.

Help your child build a strong foundation and put them on a learning trajectory towards higher education.

Four Ways To Earn Scholarship Points


Every day that students attend school they earn Scholarship Points. An attendance streak helps them earn at a higher rate.


Our educator created assessments reveal knowledge gaps that a student may have. Students earn Scholarship Points for every assessment they complete.


The Coins For College platform has a vast library of educational resources. After discovering knowledge gaps, students can earn additional Scholarship Points by watching videos, presentations, and reading educational articles on our platform targeting these specific areas of need.

Special Events

Our partnerships with nonprofits, K-12 schools, colleges, and corporations allow us to conduct special events where students can earn bonus rewards for participation and performance.

our goals

Our goal is simple, remove the mental, financial, and academic barriers to college for all students.


Some students need more support than others. Through our non-profit partnerships, corporations & philanthropists can donate directly to an individual student or group of students to cover additional college expenses not covered by your standard scholarships.


Anyone can be a philanthropist

It takes a village

Intuition Exchange, a social good digital asset exchange, is the most intuitive way to enter web3. 10% of the Intuition Exchange's net revenue goes toward the tuition costs of students on Coins For College. From young adults to large corporations, everyone who is a part of Intuition Exchange supports a K-12 student’s journey to college.


A New Revenue Stream For Educators

Educators are the core of the entire Coins For College platform. 80% of the Scholarships Points earned by students come from the ERL built by the educators. They are rewarded with Tuition Coins (TUIT) for their contributions to the platform.


School Administration

Coins For College is designed to bridge the educational gap for students around the world by allowing all members of society to contribute to their future education. We aim to remove the mental, financial, and academic barriers to college for all students.

Attendance Rewards is the first of several interoperable products we offer to school districts for:


Presenting intrinsic value for education


Incentivizing academics


Increasing parental engagement

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What people have to say about us

One of the biggest challenges facing students planning for college today is how they will be able to afford to go to school. Digital currency will transform education in the future just by giving students more opportunities to earn money in different ways. One of the questions educators get from students is, "Why do I need to learn this?" or "Why am I doing this?" but now we can point them to Coins For College. Students can see an actual link between the work they are doing, and the assessments they are taking, and then watch their Scholarship Point count rise which expands the opportunity for real world scholarships from colleges.

Anthony Luis

Vice Principal, Cornerstone Christian School

With the onset of the pandemic and the large learning curve created by switching to distance learning many students have fallen further behind. Students have missed out on concepts and they’ve missed out on opportunities to be able to learn the material at a deeper level. Therefore, I cannot move as quickly as I would like to cover additional material so students aren’t gaining the concepts they need and many are worried and stressed about next year. Coins For College can help close these gaps by giving students access to additional learning opportunities at a pace that is comfortable for each of them individually.

Laura Scott

High School Math and Science Teacher, Cornerstone Christian School

Our education system has been stretched to capacity for years. The areas most affected are regarding the resources available to students and teachers.. These are areas we are really falling short. It is not because teachers aren’t trying, and it's not because we don't care. It is because teachers can only hold so much, and the schools are trying to be everything for every child. Coins For College can help by closing learning gaps for students and by rewarding teachers for helping students. It’s a win, win for everyone.

Brook Rogers

Junior High School History Teacher, Cornerstone Christian School


Coins For College compensates educators for helping K-12 students go to college

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